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Radio Annapurna Nepal 94.0 has unique identity amongst listener in radio broadcasting services which is conducted by Radio Annapurna P. Ltd. The central focus of our transmission is to produce and broadcast trustworthy information, informative program and entertaining program to the listener. We are centered towards the production and transmission of radio program which follows the guidelines of professionalism and social responsibility. In other side, we regularly work for credible information dissemination practice.


Annapurna Media Network is a media hub of newspaper, magazine, digital news, radio and television. It is the most renowned media organization in Nepal equipped with latest technology, machines and modern management system.It has played a pioneer role in exhibition of its corporate social responsibility (CRS).

Annapurna Post National Daily:

Annapurna Post is the Nepali national daily which started printing from 2002. It was acquired by 3NI in 2013. Within this short period of time, it has become one of most trusted and favorite Nepali newspaper among readers. The newspaper is printed from Kathmandu, Butwal, Itahari and Kohalpur press at the same time. It has readers in 74 districts out of 75. Yubaraj Ghimire has been the editor-in-chief of the newspaper since 2015.

AP1 HD Television:

AP1 is the first and only HD televison of Nepal. The Channel will be launched on March 31, 2017. It is equipped with world class latest broadcast technology. The channel is accessible from 40 different countries.The channel is committed to cater multi-angle in-depth news, current affairs, high-quality content and production programs to the viewers. The channel is launching popular programs like Nepal Idol, Disha Nirdesh, Bhadragol, MaHa Times et cetera.


Radio Annapurna Nepal:

Radio Annapurna Nepal 94.0 has an unique identity among listener in radio broadcasting services.Its vision is to produce and broadcast trustworthy information, informative and entertaining programs.

Annapurna Today:

Annapurna Today is a weekly magazine published on every Friday. The magazine was started from November 4, 2016 vowing to promote investigate journalism. The magazine believes in publishing stories that attract readers. It usually publishes articles in every topic.

Annapurna Digital:

To serve the modern readers and readers from abroad and home, Nepali news portal was launched. 'Annapurnapost.com' is one of the most popular and visited website of Nepal.Also, to cater the English readers, English edition annanote.com was started from October 1, 2016.It's the most popular English news portal in Nepal. The English online also serves a bridge for the outside world. We also have introduced Annapurna Mobile App to widen the reach and readership around the world. The app is available in both Android and iOS platform.


www.annapurnapost.com is a Nepal's leading news portal with a variety of features. It provides breaking stories and regular updates on politics, society, economy, sports and entertainment. It also has Annapurna Post's digital version. ( E-paper) and it has introduced a smart App to widen its reach and readership which is available in Android system and apple store, both accessible to viewers.

Annapurna Sampurna:

Annapurna Sampurna is a weekly magazine which will be published on every Thursday.

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